Our on-site rehabilitation department strives to ensure continuity of care after treatment. Each patient’s therapy and rehabilitation process is customized to meet his or her specific needs including educational material on fitness regimens, injury prevention, and advice on how to return to an active and healthy lifestyle.

The purpose of athletic rehabilitation is to help the patient return to an active, pain free lifestyle as quickly as possible. The rehabilitation clinic at Piedmont is unique in that experienced rehabilitation specialists can work closely with your physician to develop the smartest plan of treatment. The rehabilitation center is located under the same roof as the clinic, so it is very easy for your surgeon to maintain a good level of communication with your athletic trainer.

The therapy services provided will be determined by the patient’s specific diagnosis, but in general athletic trainers return the patient to a pre-injury level of function by decreasing swelling, decreasing pain, increasing range of motion, strength, balance, gait. 

Some of the treatment modalities provided at Piedmont include cold and heat therapy, electrical stimulation and ultrasound, which are used to help promote healing as well as decrease pain and decrease swelling. These treatments are used in conjunction with therapeutic exercises used to help strengthen and increase range of motion of the injured area of the patient. In some cases, athletic trainers do hands-on therapy such as manual therapy or massage therapy. Manual therapy is used to increase range of motion or joint mobilization and massage therapy is used to help decrease muscle spasms and muscle pain in an injured muscle.

Meet Piedmont Ortho's physical therapist, Kimberlyn Wilson.