Knee Specialists in Middle Georgia


Piedmont also employs a team of medical professionals experienced in treating orthopaedic injuries.

Common Conditions

If knee pain is interfering with your life, it's time to find an orthopedic knee specialist. In many cases, earlier treatment can prevent further damage to knee and allow for more conservative and cost-effective treatment options.  The physicians at Piedmont are trained to relieve knee pain and restore mobility after an acute injury like fractures, ACL or meniscus tears, runner’s knee, shin splints, and other sports injuries as well as the more chronic conditions like degenerative arthritis of the knee and “bone on bone” deterioration.  Learn More


Treatment options at Piedmont range from non surgical options such as targeted physical therapy programs to a total joint replacement. Your physician will work with you to develop the smartest recovery plan based on based on the condition of your knee and your preferences.  Your lifestyle and goals play a big part in your recovery, so Piedmont offers a variety of options to best suit each patient. Some common knee treatments include injections, meniscus repair, ACL reconstruction, arthroscopy, and total knee replacement.
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