Injury Prevention Functional Tests

Piedmont Orthopaedic Complex is now offering functional tests designed to help athletes of all ages prevent injury. Injury Prevention Functional Tests are custom, sport-specific movement evaluations designed for athletes who are looking to move or perform better or who have recently finished rehabilitation for an injury.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the evaluation consist of?
Measurements of range of motion, strength ratio testing, functional movements and plyometrics that are pertinent to your sport.

What does the testing tell me?
Identify asymmetries or weaknesses in range of motion, strength, stability, movement patterns. With any imbalances found, you will be given exercises to help improve these specific imbalances for you.

What should I wear?
Comfortable workout clothes and tennis shoes.

When should my testing be done?
We recommend pre-season and post-season testing, but the test can be performed at any point to determine asymmetries. 

What are the costs?
Condensed Functional Test:
30 Minutes: $40
30 Minute Follow-Up: $25

Full Functional Test:
1 Hour: $75
1 Hour Follow-Up: $50