At Piedmont Orthopaedic Complex, our most powerful marketing tools are our own patients. Most of our new patients tell us they chose to seek care here based on a recommendation from a friend or family member they trust.

These statements are taken from surveys completed in our facility and online.

What Piedmont Patients are Saying

“I have seen Dr Bill Barnes, Dr Kevin Stevenson, Dr Kevin Moore and Paul Peterson. I’ve had surgery performed by all listed M.D.’s with Paul assisting. I have had good results. I have good care and all the employees I’ve come in contact with are exceptional. Thanks for all you have done for me and will continue to do for me”
– Jettye, Online Survey

“The staff, doctors and front desk are always very nice and friendly.”
– Virginia, Office Survey

“The front desk staff was very courteous and attentive. The nurses are professional and knowledgeable. The facility is very attractive and clean. Staff are overall friendly, warm, pleasant and considerate. Under the circumstances, I had a very enjoyable experience.”
– Gladys, Office Survey

“I would never consider going to another group or surgeon, even though surgery hasn’t been a success. I have full confidence and trust in our doctor.”
– Cheryl, Office Survey

“Since coming to Piedmont Orthopaedic Complex, my services have been well taken care of.”
– Mary Ann, Office Survey

“No comments, everything was excellent. I highly, highly recommend Piedmont Orthopaedics to anyone. I wish I had known you all years ago.”
– Roberta, Office Survey

“I love all my docs and nurses!”
– Carol, Office Survey

“Excellent facility and staff. None Better.”
– Laura, Office Survey

“Love Dr. Barnes and Dr. Moore. Will even treat small children and have a clinic for non insured that is affordable. Ladies in the office are sweet and helpful and physical therapists are responsive to patient concerns.”
– Miranda, Facebook Comment

“Good nurses and the doctors are great.”
– Kay, Office Survey

“I have experienced excellent care from the doctor and nurses.”
– Sheila, Office Survey

“Every doctor or P.A. I have seen has always been very professional and willing to help in any way possible. I started as a young child seeing Dr. Walter Barnes for all my orthopaedic needs. He is the one who started or gotten me to walk. As I have gotten older, I have stayed with the Barnes family as my orthopaedic doctors. Dr. Walter Barnes would be very proud of Piedmont Orthopaedic and what it has done for me and the Macon area. I have been with the Barnes as doctors for 44 years, starting at the age of 2. Thanks to the doctors at Piedmont for their professionalism and care!”
– Stacie, Office Survey

“I’m here for my fourth surgery – three previously by Dr. Barnes and now by Dr. Moore. Have also used physical therapy. The great care is why I keep coming back. I have told many how great this center is and recommend they use it if needed.”
– James, Office Survey

“They all try to make you comfortable and do all they can to make your problem better.”
– Nita, Office Survey

“She makes my husband feel welcome and takes great care of him”
Patient of Becca Ewing, A.T.C., Star Employee Nomination

“Well-oiled machine! So friendly and efficient.”
– Tammy, Office Survey

“Very informative, and caring.”
– Scott, Online Survey

“He is very nice and concerned. He explains everything so that I can understand it. He doesn’t just rush straight into surgery.”
– Tina, Online Survey

“In my 70+ years of consulting with physicians, I have not come across a more affable professional than Dr. Onderko.”
Kris, Patient of Dr. Onderko, Office Survey

“I had an enjoyable visit. Everyone was so nice and listened to what I had to say about my problem. I will be back for therapy.”
Stephine, Office Survey

“Paul and Melissa listened to my concerns and addressed them very thoroughly and efficiently. They made my visit pleasurable.”
Jeanine, Patient of Paul Peterson, PA, Office Survey

“Every appointment brings relief and builds optimism. The nursing support staff with Dr. Onderko is both proficient and adept in answering questions too.”
– Kris, Patient of Dr. Pamela Onderko, Office Survey

“Jessica and Melba are very nice and helpful. Dr. Onderko explained clearly the treatment, was very nice and did not rush. She spends time talking to you.”
– Cecilia, Patient of Dr. Pamela Onderko, Office Survey

“I have never had a physician to be so effective and concerned with the condition of my ability to be moving and exercising on my knees. His patience with me was unbelievable.”
– Mary, Office Survey

“Love Paul! Sweetheart! Dr. DeCoons is very professional and knowledgeable. Mrs. Melba & Joni were very helpful as well.”
– Sharon, Patient of Paul Peterson, Office Survey

“All were very professional and helpful. Paul is excellent at explaining the procedure. He listens to you and develops the treatment plan.”
– Kay, Patient of Paul Peterson, Office Survey

“I would like to praise Heath in Therapy. He is very competent and makes you feel very comfortable with your therapy. He explains everything and keeps you informed of your treatment. He makes you want to do well. He is always professional and friendly. He is an asset.”
– Kay, Patient of Heath Mills, A.T.C., Office Survey

“Dr. Onderko was very thorough in her treatment and discussed options with me before proceeding. Great bedside manner and follow-up after procedure.”
Katherine, Patient of Dr. Onderko, Office Survey

“[I am] satisfied. Their interest is in getting you well and feeling good.”
Ola, Patient of Dr. Barnes, Office Survey

“They always make me feel at home when I’m there. After 8 years of having back problems, I finally found a place that truly wants to help me :)
– Angie, Patient at Piedmont’s Surgery Center, Office Survey

“I recommend this place …”
– Jerry, Facebook Comment

“I had surgery at Piedmont Surgery Center. I just have to say that is the greatest group of people over there – they took excellent care of me. I am single so I had someone drop me off but no one to wait with me – the guys over there took excellent care of me by treating me like I wasn’t alone. They were awesome. Alex was the nurse that checked on me and stayed with me the most. He was awesome! The poor guy that helped me to the car and brought me coffee was awesome as well. Don’t remember his name – my leg was completely dead and he caught me as I almost fell getting into the truck. Awesome to be in such good hands! They should all be commended.”
– Aimee, Patient at Piedmont’s Surgery Center, Office Survey