New Patients

Welcome to Piedmont Orthopaedic Complex!

Thank you for making an appointment. We appreciate the trust you have placed in us to deliver the highest quality medical care to you and your family. We have provided the checklist below with helpful hints to make your appointment run as smoothly as possible. We know your time is valuable, and following these tips will assist you in having the necessary information prior to your visit and will help us maintain your appointment time.

Before your appointment…

  • To expedite your appointment, please complete the New Patient Paperwork on the patient portal. You should have received a link in the email address you provided at the time your appointment was made. 
  • Please bring any X-Ray, MRI or reports that pertain to your condition or injury. For all imaging studies (MRI, CT, etc.), our physicians will require a disk to see the images first hand. Please contact the imaging facility for a  copy of that disk to bring with you to your appointment. 
  • Remember to bring copies of all current insurance coverage if applicable, as well as a method of payment for services, co-payments, etc.
  • Bring the bottles of all of your current medications labeled with the prescribing physician and the dosages
  • If for any reason you cannot make your appointment, be sure to call to reschedule as soon as you are able.
  • Please do not wear perfume/cologne on the day of your appointment