Patient Testimonial - Cuyler P.

Cuyler Payne’s relationship with Piedmont began back in 1958 with Dr. Walter Barnes.

“Oh he was good, and his personality was as good as you could get,” Cuyler says of Dr. Walter. “He always had a smile and time to talk to you.”

Cuyler was injured playing football for Wilkinson County High School on a Friday night and saw Dr. Walter on Saturday morning. He remembers them draining almost a whole bedpan full of fluid out of his knee that day. He had surgery several months later to repair the injury.

In 1992, Cuyler had his knee replaced by Dr. William “Bill” Barnes, Dr. Walter’s son.

“The cowboy,” he said referring to Dr. Bill, “when he comes in, he’s usually smiling too.”

Cuyler had arthroscopy on his knee twice prior to the replacement (in an effort to put off the eventual replacement) and also had arthroscopy on both shoulders by Dr. Bill.

“This place has been good to me,” said Cuyler.

He remembers that after his latest shoulder surgery he could move his arm around so well that the therapist didn’t know what exercises to give him. She told him she’d never seen a patient recover mobility so quickly.

“After the surgery, it felt like he had just taken out everything that was hurting.”

Now he has so much more mobility than before, which is important because he and his wife watch their grandsons every day after school. One of his grandsons keeps him busy with lots of exciting travel baseball games. The other is a busy toddler who prefers to spend the afternoons outdoors playing in the woods or practicing baseball like his older brother.

“They keep me busy,” Cuyler says. “But without them, I don’t know what we would do.”

Although Cuyler put the surgeries off as long as he could, he is grateful he went through the experience because now he is living his best life with his family.

Cuyler's scars form a cross ... the horizontal scar is from his original surgery back in the late 50s, while the vertical scar is from his knee replacement in 1992. Those who have had a knee replacement in recent years know what a long way we have come in terms of surgical scars!

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